Karl Werne & Friends - Live at Hampton Bay Days

by Karl Werne

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This was a live show at Hampton Bay Days Festival
in Hampton, VA in 2013.

Karl Werne: acoustic guitar, vocal
Eddie Williams: saxes, flute, vocal
Scott Slay: mandolin, vocal
Curtis Eley: electric guitar
Dan Martier: drums, vocal
Mick Vaughn: bass
Elaine Dempsey: backing vocal
Lawrence Lambert: backing vocal


released December 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Karl Werne Norfolk, Virginia

Karl Werne has been entertaining the Hampton Roads area of VA since he was 16 years old as a local favorite with his versatile guitar work and smooth hypnotic vocals.

Karl's songwriting won first place in the national Fishman Songwriting Competition in 2011. He placed third in the Songwriter Serenade National Competition, and he won VEER Magazine's Video of the Year award w/ "Love & Fear".
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Track Name: Mean
Tell me pretty baby why you treatin' me mean
You're the meanest baby that I ever have seen
Is there something in the water that is not so clean
Tell me pretty baby why you treatin' me mean

Cause there's some people talking and it ain't that good
Seems that you ain't doin' what you think you should
Maybe it would help me if I understood
Cause there's some people talking and it ain't that good

I been thinkin' lately that it's time to go
There's a lot of sadness that we never should know
You know I would reconsider if you just say so
But I been thinkin' lately that it's time to go
Track Name: Time
At the edge of the night
There is darkness creeping in
And it holds us in fear
In its spell

Far beyond there's a light
That can tame the darkest night
And it will as far as I
Can tell

And the secret and the short cut
It was always just a lie
There is only one conclusion
And it's right before your eyes


I am flying, I am falling
There's a world upon me now
It would help if I could just

It's the balance on a tight wire
That can almost drive you mad
Like the difference in depression
Or maybe just profoundly sad


At the edge of the night
There is darkness creeping in
And it holds us in fear
In its spell

Call the doctor, call the lawyer
Book the fastest outbound plane
Hold a sermon, take a survey
Does anybody know my name?
Check his heart rate - his condition
He's now in the hands of time ...

Track Name: Flow
for once in your life,
your answer is clear
and all at once you do away with
other people's obligated pain and fear

the time is at hand
but time's on my side
i think it's time to take advantage of this chance to take a
brand new day out on a midnight drive

i'm dancing under starlight
i'm howling at the moon
if i never get back to all the pushing and the shoving
it'll be too soon

you can call me crazy
i can let that go
cause only one aim is gonna hold my attention now
am i in the light of ... flow

little baby shakes his rattle
he's just breathing in the zone
oh, if only we could listen to the rhythm of the music
that he calls his own

blind man hears the tapping
of the rain a mile away
must it always be the cost, does it take such a loss
for us to hear that way?

i'll turn off my television
till they broadcast any truth
i will trade my years of wisdom
for the wonderment of youth

i will open up my mind
until there's only room to grow
and find me one path within a promising direction to
put me in the light of ... flow

any power that's guiding me
put me where i want to be
high above where i can see
and shadows don't fall over me

hold me in the healing light
i will not put up a fight
i wish i may, i wish i might
find myself in flow tonight

give it up, give it up, get it off, give it over now
if it don't serve you well
all of us are free to make our own little heaven
or drag this life through hell

if we are authors of our stories, then i know how mine will go
and i will surely dedicate the rest of days
to break through any stagnant haze
take a long, hard look at my old ways
and focus on how i can raise ... flow
Track Name: Too Far Away
Standing at the airport, but the city's lost on me
I'm carrying more baggage than anyone can see
My heart is weighing heavier than I could ever say
All for but one reason: you are just Too Far Away

Don't know how I got here or where my future lies
The man that I once used to be now I hardly recognize
Feels like I've been handed someone else's bill to pay
And what I can't afford is you are just Too Far Away

Then suddenly I feel you
Like sunshine through the rain
And I must reconsider
Why I carry all this pain

Could it be this peaceful place
I feel is here to stay
So anywhere you are isn't
All that far away

Then suddenly I feel that
Sea of Kindness over me
And I remember this is how
Love is supposed to be

Could it be I'm headed to
A new and brighter day
Where anywhere you are isn't
All that far away

Home again, I always love the feel of my own bed
You being here beside me calms the fires in my head
And though you're right here, near me, there is one more thing to say
Come here darlin' now, it's been long and you're just Too Far Away
Track Name: From This Height
an endless night
and then again, it's just a blink of an eye
from this height,
you can hear broken dreams and angels cry

time rolls on
relentlessly, just like its always been
when love is gone
pick up the pieces and move on again

move on

whatcha gonna do with the time you're given?
whatcha gonna make of your word and name?
whatcha gonna make of your situation
when no one is left to blame

where you gonna run when the sky is falling?
whatcha gonna do when your time is done?
how you think we look from another planet?
what if this was all in fun?

whatcha gonna say, did it really matter?
what they gonna say in a hundred years?
whatcha gonna leave as your final answer?
was it worth the pain and tears?

whatcha gonna do when your children call you?
whatcha gonna leave as a legacy?
who you gonna call when you're feeling lonely?
what if it was meant to be?

soul in flight
and then again, that's where it always stays
from this height
you can see healing light and brighter days

time stands still
and with your heart you see the road you're on
stay until
the beating shows you love is never gone

hold on
Track Name: Monkey Do
There's a bit of tension rising in the air
Both of us are feeling that the other don't care
Instead of saying something that we need to hear
We're filling up the silences with pain and fear

So you got your jacket and you got your bag
You're shaking off the memory of a dream you had
One foot in the door - guess you're gonna go
I believe there's something that you oughta know

Baby, we may never have this chance again
Turn around, you might just be my only friend
So there's a little game I would show to you
It's called ... Monkey See, Monkey Do

Baby, let's consider where it's gotta start
I can feel the answer in the beat of my heart
You can show me yours, I will show you mine
Anything short would be a waste of time

Can you feel the rhythm when it's driving you
You can just assume that it is driving me too
We can only be who we're gonna be
Never should that call for an apology

Maybe I have not made my intentions clear yet
But as you see, I'm working here without a net
Cause that's the only thing that I know to do
When it's ... Monkey See, Monkey Do

You take one deep breath
And let it out slow
Tell me, pretty baby
Where you want this to go

Take my hand
Hold tight because
It's only gonna matter
Like you say it does

Lean on me
Look me in the eye
Gather all your fears
And kiss them all goodbye

Open your heart
Let Love in
Take it to the top
And do it all again

There's a brighter day that could be breaking through
All of it depends on what the two of us do
Hopefully respectful in the name of Love
And mindful of exactly what we're capable of

Opening your heart was never lost on me
I am thankful for the opportunity
You can feel safe - never on a shelf
I will have your back so you can be yourself

I would tell you something just for clarity
I was hoping you might want to be with me
And we can show the world how to see it through
And call it ... Monkey See, Monkey Do
Track Name: From Here
i can feel we're at an impasse
we don't quite know what to do
you can see a storm is brewing
baby, all i see is you

i am overing your borders
can no longer keep it in
there's a wall around your castle
take it down, i'm coming in

i will swim inside your waters
i will climb your mountains high
baby, i will face your army
i am quite prepared to die

you can kill me with a gesture
you can take my breath away
i am dying to be near you
there is nothing left to say

there is only one conclusion i can see
baby you are gonna share yourself with me

i've been standing here a lifetime
i've been waiting for a sign
i believe that you can heal me
turn my water into wine

baby, put your hands upon me
let me feel your gentle touch
let me lose myself inside you
i am wanting you so much

for the chance to stand beside you
there is nothing i won't do
everything i have become i
am now offering to you

take away my polished armor
i don't need it anymore
take my heart, i'll leave it open
you are what it's beating for

cause i know that i can take away your fear
girl, if you could only see yourself from here ...

i can feel we're at an impasse
we don't quite know what to do
you can see a storm is brewing
baby, all i see is you
Track Name: I Think I'm In Love
I had no plan or place
I needed to go to
But now I find myself here
Standing before you
And there's this place in my heart
I would show you
Do you think, Darlin'
You could let me in?

I had not been in the
Market for romance
Nor did I need someone to save me
Or a second chance
But lately I can see myself
In a slow dance
With a woman I could
Call a friend

So put the water on
For a chai or two
Baby I will build a fire
While I talk to you
Cause there's this undeniable
Place for two
That's been growing stronger
Every day

Now I don't want to change
Or interfere
With any plans you made
Or goals that you're holding dear
But if I could just whisper
In your ear
There is something I would
Like to say É

That if you breathe in
I will feel it
And if you call my name out loud
I will hear it
And when you tell me the truth
I'll believe it
You can do anything you wanna do

And if you're lonely
I will be there
And when you need your space
I'll get out of your hair
And when we figure it out
I will be fair
Cause I wanna try to see this through

Darlin' I think I'm in love with you
I think I'm in love

I had no plan or place
I needed to go to
But now I find myself here
Standing before you
And there's this place in my heart
I would show you
Do you think, Darlin'
You could let me in?
Track Name: Thinkin' Bout You
morning sun - i'm already up
thinkin' about that girl
email note - three little words
like a shot heard round the world
heard round the world
like a shot heard round the world
ah ... i miss that girl

coffee gone - start my day
write me a song or two
close my eyes - lost in a thought
takin' me back to you
right back to you
every road leads back to you
what's this dreamer to do?

i don't need no intervention
i am doing fine
i'm living to my heart's content and
i'm ... just thinkin' bout you

traffic jam, here i am
looks like a parking lot
bitter, angry and frustrated
few of the things i'm not
oh, no i'm not
not with all this love i got
helps when times run hot

memories of our last encounter
linger in the air
i sing myself this grateful little

if there's a god above, i'd like to
thank her for this instant
a moment's grace, a healing touch and
all that lies between

until the end of time there will
remain a fire burning
to celebrate this moment and to
learn what it could mean ...

day is done, had some fun
so much to see and do
grand adventures to be had
wishing them all on you
wish them all on you
i'd love to share in one or two
see where it leads us to ...

i have no need to hold this flower
tightly in my hand
i like the way you're growing on me
and ... i'm thinkin' bout you
Track Name: This Little Notebook
i don't represent the views of any
hidden, unknown sponsors
in fact i can't imagine mass appeal for
anything i'd say

i don't believe i'm jaded or
over-cynical in nature
but surely lessons shaped me to
the man i am today

i have landed safely
between comfortable and cautious
i've even thanked the skies for the
emotional reprieve

that being said, i've stumbled on
a startling discovery
and it seems to be the feint sound of
my heart inside of me

i apologize for the
inconvenient timing
it seems that neither of us can
afford to take a fall

but before you board that plane
that takes you far across the ocean
this little notebook
might just say it all

you told me once it's easier
if my words were less romantic
i'm happy to accommodate
your twisted little ears

i am lost in thought about your
teeth marks on my shoulder ...
your stifled breath, your lower back,
damn, i wish that you were here

what am i to do with all this cat hair on my sweatshirt?
what am i to do with all this bluegrass in my ears?
how do i find hope when it no longer springs eternal?
how do i regroup and change gears?

how do i sleep soundly with no knife under my pillow?
how do i remember all those words to sam mcgee?
what am i supposed to find while reaching for your shoulder?
what am i supposed to do with me?

i don't represent the views of any
hidden, unknown sponsors
in fact i can't imagine mass appeal for
anything i'd say
Track Name: Why Am I Missing You?
You can come
You can go
You'd think by now I'd learn to let it go

In the end
What's to show?
Who's to know?

You can blame
It on me
I'm only asking for your honesty

And your heart
If it's free
Guess we'll see

I sat down to write this song today
But I'm finding out I miss you more than words can say
And they don't seem to mean a thing anyway if it's true ...

So you've heard
Once or twice
That Love is compromise and sacrifice

I say no
Bad advice
It keeps us on ice

Find the Joy
In your heart
Don't ever let the world take that apart

And you'll see
From the start
A great work of art

I still believe that we could have it all
And you'll never learn to fly with fear that you might fall
Now the Universe is sending a wake up call just for you ...
Darlin', what you gonna do?

Truth shines brighter than the light of day
Just like trusting and acceptance aren't just words to say
Tell me, what does this life mean anyway to you?
Why am I missing you?
Why am I missing you?
I should be kissing you
Why . . . ?
Track Name: Love & Fear
i tell you of a time
it was a beautiful time
people dancing everywhere

was never any doubt
to what it's all about
love and music filled the air

and the sound came out like boom, boom, boom
cause their hearts were beating louder than the
troubles that were left behind

and any thoughts to love one another
as your sister and your brother
were the only ones that came to mind

let's talk about the Fear
and how we brought it here
it's something we should understand

it seems that in the name of protection
we have poisoned our connection
to the welfare of our fellow man

where it was thoughtfully in fashion
to be guided by compassion
no one found themselves in need

but when doubt made us scared about
the very things we cared about
we opened up the door to greed

when we take our pride and livelihood and sell it overseas
and we compromise our freedom by a matter of degrees
till the dreams we had believed in are now driven to their knees
what's the game?

you can do the math on what is saved and what is spent
when our sacred holiday becomes a marketing event
seems we cannot pay attention like we cannot pay the rent
who's to blame?

can we talk about a child
born free and wild
with everything to lose or gain

if the future he'll inherit
comes from what our actions merit
maybe we should keep it sane

dr frankenstein's elated
at the monster we've created
cause it paints him as a boy scout

but if Love isn't driving
the system that's surviving
then it might be time to throw it out