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This Little Notebook

by Karl Werne

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How Much Love I can see you standing there And you are one of a kind As the sunshine dances through your hair I wonder what's on your mind I remember you once told me What this world has done to you You said "If someone could just hold me, Then maybe I could see it through" I know it's easy to feel broken When you're tattered and you're torn But to me you're just as beautiful As the day that you were born How much love can one heart take Let's find it out - let's find it out How much love can one heart make Let's find it out - let's find it out Well, I know, I know, I know, I know It feels like mountains in your way And no one knows the rocky road That brought you standing here today I don't mean to oversimplify The healing power of Love But to one thing I would testify Whenever a push comes to a shove The walls you've built demand A certain level of respect But they're stifling the very thing That you are trying to protect How much love can one heart take Let's find it out - let's find it out How much love can one heart make Let's find it out - let's find it out There's a new vibration and it's Spreading through the land You know the answer is connection So just take me by the hand How much love can one heart take Let's find it out - let's find it out How much love can one heart make Let's find it out - let's find it out
From Here 04:49
From Here i can feel we're at an impasse we don't quite know what to do you can see a storm is brewing baby, all i see is you i am overing your borders can no longer keep it in there's a wall around your castle take it down, i'm coming in i will swim inside your waters i will climb your mountains high baby, i will face your army i am quite prepared to die you can kill me with a gesture you can take my breath away i am dying to be near you there is nothing left to say there is only one conclusion i can see baby you are gonna share yourself with me i've been standing here a lifetime i've been waiting for a sign i believe that you can heal me turn my water into wine baby, put your hands upon me let me feel your gentle touch let me lose myself inside you i am wanting you so much for the chance to stand beside you there is nothing i won't do everything i have become i am now offering to you take away my polished armor i don't need it anymore take my heart, i'll leave it open you are what it's beating for cause i know that i can take away your fear girl, if you could only see yourself from here ...
I Think I'm In Love I had no plan or place I needed to go to But now I find myself here Standing before you And there's this place in my heart I would show you Do you think, Darlin' You could let me in? I had not been in the Market for romance Nor did I need someone to save me Or a second chance But lately I can see myself In a slow dance With a woman I could Call a friend So put the water on For a chai or two Baby I will build a fire While I talk to you Cause there's this undeniable Place for two That's been growing stronger Every day Now I don't want to change Or interfere With any plans you made Or goals that you're holding dear But if I could just whisper In your ear There is something I would Like to say That if you breathe in I will feel it And if you call my name out loud I will hear it And when you tell me the truth I'll believe it You can do anything you wanna do And if you're lonely I will be there And when you need your space I'll get out of your hair And when we figure it out I will be fair Cause I wanna try to see this through Darlin' I think I'm in love with you I think I'm in love
This Little Notebook i don't represent the views of any hidden, unknown sponsors in fact i can't imagine mass appeal for anything i'd say i don't believe i'm jaded or over-cynical in nature but surely lessons shaped me to the man i am today i have landed safely between comfortable and cautious i've even thanked the skies for the emotional reprieve that being said, i've stumbled on a startling discovery and it seems to be the feint sound of my heart inside of me i apologize for the inconvenient timing it seems that neither of us can afford to take a fall but before you board that plane that takes you far across the ocean this little notebook might just say it all you told me once it's easier if my words were less romantic i'm happy to accommodate your twisted little ears i am lost in thought about your teeth marks on my shoulder ... your stifled breath, your lower back, damn, i wish that you were here what am i to do with all this cat hair on my sweatshirt? what am i to do with all this bluegrass in my ears? how do i find hope when it no longer springs eternal? how do i regroup and change gears? how do i sleep soundly with no knife under my pillow? how do i remember all those words to sam mcgee? what am i supposed to find while reaching for your shoulder? what am i supposed to do with me?
Love & Fear 03:32
Love & Fear i tell you of a time it was a beautiful time people dancing everywhere was never any doubt to what it's all about love and music filled the air and the sound came out like boom, boom, boom cause their hearts were beating louder than the troubles that were left behind and any thoughts to love one another as your sister and your brother were the only ones that came to mind let's talk about the Fear and how we brought it here it's something we should understand it seems that in the name of protection we have poisoned our connection to the welfare of our fellow man where it was thoughtfully in fashion to be guided by compassion no one found themselves in need but when doubt made us scared about the very things we cared about we opened up the door to greed when we take our pride and livelihood and sell it overseas and we compromise our freedom by a matter of degrees till the dreams we had believed in are now driven to their knees what's the game? you can do the math on what is saved and what is spent when our sacred holiday becomes a marketing event seems we cannot pay attention like we cannot pay the rent who's to blame? can we talk about a child born free and wild with everything to lose or gain if the future he'll inherit comes from what our actions merit maybe we should keep it sane dr frankenstein's elated at the monster we've created cause it paints him as a boy scout but if Love isn't driving the system that's surviving then it might be time to throw it out
Safe 06:05
safe and here we stand in this sacred place with tearful eyes but face to face we'll wash away without a trace anything but love how quickly we have come to this we've had no time to reminisce it's not so long since our first kiss that we were so careful of admittedly, i'm not the first and we went in cold and unrehearsed we've seen each other at our worst a wonder we're still here but underneath each moment shared there's been a safe, respectful air that's like some favorite easy chair whenever you are near you've seen me cry, you've seen me laugh and after all the aftermath i can't imagine one life path that you're not walking on it's hard to know how to begin sometimes it feels like i have been a victim of what might have been and life had passed me by but lately i'm amazed to hear an old familiar song so clear that melts away each pain and fear and reminds me i'm alive so if you say you'll take this chance to try our version of romance i think it's time i learn to dance the honor would be mine so take my hand and i will lead i'll also follow when you need on one thing we are both agreed this light must always shine now we will see what we can make of every day and breath we take and so i'm clear, make no mistake your heart is safe right here
From This Height an endless night and then again, it's just a blink of an eye from this height, you can hear broken dreams and angels cry time rolls on relentlessly, just like its always been when love is gone pick up the pieces and move on again move on whatcha gonna do with the time you're given? whatcha gonna make of your word and name? whatcha gonna make of your situation when no one is left to blame where you gonna run when the sky is falling? whatcha gonna do when your time is done? how you think we look from another planet? what if this was all in fun? whatcha gonna say, did it really matter? what they gonna say in a hundred years? whatcha gonna leave as your final answer? was it worth the pain and tears? whatcha gonna do when your children call you? whatcha gonna leave as a legacy? who you gonna call when you're feeling lonely? what if it was meant to be? soul in flight and then again, that's where it always stays from this height you can see healing light and brighter days time stands still and with your heart you see the road you're on stay until the beating shows you love is never gone hold on
Flow 04:07
Flow for once in your life, your answer is clear and all at once you do away with other people's obligated pain and fear the time is at hand but time's on my side i think it's time to take advantage of this chance to take a brand new day out on a midnight drive i'm dancing under starlight i'm howling at the moon if i never get back to all the pushing and the shoving it'll be too soon you can call me crazy i can let that go cause only one aim is gonna hold my attention now am i in the light of ... flow little baby shakes his rattle he's just breathing in the zone oh, if only we could listen to the rhythm of the music that he calls his own blind man hears the tapping of the rain a mile away must it always be the cost, does it take such a loss for us to hear that way? i'll turn off my television till they broadcast any truth i will trade my years of wisdom for the wonderment of youth i will open up my mind until there's only room to grow and find me one path within a promising direction to put me in the light of ... flow any power that's guiding me put me where i want to be high above where i can see and shadows don't fall over me hold me in the healing light i will not put up a fight i wish i may, i wish i might find myself in flow tonight give it up, give it up, get it off, give it over now if it don't serve you well all of us are free to make our own little heaven or drag this life through hell if we are authors of our stories, then i know how mine will go and i will surely dedicate the rest of days to break through any stagnant haze take a long, hard look at my old ways and focus on how i can raise ... flow
Monkey Do 04:44
Monkey Do There's a bit of tension rising in the air Both of us are feeling that the other don't care Instead of saying something that we need to hear We're filling up the silences with pain and fear So you got your jacket and you got your bag You're shaking off the memory of a dream you had One foot in the door - guess you're gonna go I believe there's something that you oughta know Baby, we may never have this chance again Turn around, you might just be my only friend So there's a little game I would show to you It's called ... Monkey See, Monkey Do Baby, let's consider where it's gotta start I can feel the answer in the beat of my heart You can show me yours, I will show you mine Anything short would be a waste of time Can you feel the rhythm when it's driving you You can just assume that it is driving me too We can only be who we're gonna be Never should that call for an apology Maybe I have not made my intentions clear yet But as you see, I'm working here without a net Cause that's the only thing that I know to do When it's ... Monkey See, Monkey Do You take one deep breath And let it out slow Tell me, pretty baby Where you want this to go Take my hand Hold tight because It's only gonna matter Like you say it does Lean on me Look me in the eye Gather all your fears And kiss them all goodbye Open your heart Let Love in Take it to the top And do it all again There's a brighter day that could be breaking through All of it depends on what the two of us do Hopefully respectful in the name of Love And mindful of exactly what we're capable of Opening your heart was never lost on me I am thankful for the opportunity You can feel safe - never on a shelf I will have your back so you can be yourself I would tell you something just for clarity I was hoping you might want to be with me And we can show the world how to see it through And call it ... Monkey See, Monkey Do
Static 03:15
STATIC I woke up on the wrong side Not feeling quite myself I even thought of knocking That alarm right off the shelf Instead I switched it over To put music in my ears I spun that dial forever The only thing that came in clear ... was Static I feel like I am slipping And never so alone Starving for connection I'm reaching for the phone I dialed the operator So that I could place a call But through that cold receiver The only sound at all ... was Static All that's coming through to me is ... Static In on every frequency is ... Static There is chaos in the universe Confusion in my brain The forecast calls for starlight I can't see through all this rain Another wasted search probe Sent through the atmosphere I'll monitor the signal But all I seem to hear ... is SSSSSSSSSSStatic All that's coming through to me is ... Static In on every frequency is ... Static
Shadows on the Wind I recall a time when time was on my side Life was only shadows on the wind Now I feel the weight of every mountain climbed I can't imagine climbing them again We are at the mercy of some butterfly Pounding out our fate around the world Caught between the dark and light of compromise With every banner waved and flag unfurled Now tell me how are we to turn this sinking ship around? And what are we to do with secrets we have found? Is there but someone who might still have enough love inside Who can show us what we need to change this raging tide ... This suicide ... can we survive ... oh my ... I was just eleven when my father passed Superhero status still to me Ain't it strange how all those years go flying past Never made a difference to me Now my children look into their father's eyes Cannot help but wonder what they see Maybe there's a glimpse into some future skies Or maybe just a glimpse inside of me And every generation has the chance to come to terms With all the choices they have made and lessons they have learned If it is truly up to us, our future to create Then we must open up our hearts before it's too late ... For our doomed fate ... we can't wait ... oh no ... And maybe somewhere I can find the man I might have been Before this crazy life had dropped me in the boat I'm in And if the waters find you sailing on your own way too Well then maybe we can show this world what we could do ... Just me and you ... we'll see it through ... in our boat for two ... I recall a time when time was on my side Life was only shadows on the wind Turn this tiny boat into the rising tide I believe life's calling me again


Karl's most ambitious endeavor to date! An all original CD including "Love & Fear" which won VEER Magazine's Music Video of the Year and both "Flow" and "Monkey Do" which helped Werne sweep all 3 categories in The Fishman National Singer/Songwriter Competition.
The CD has an all-star cast including long time partner, saxophonist Eddie Williams, Tim Reynolds (Dave Matthews Band), Dan Martier (TR3), John Toomey (ODU Jazz Professor), Elaine Dempsey (BiG WiDE GRiN) and many more.


released May 8, 2015

Produced by Karl Werne
Mixed by Tom Prasada-Rao

Tracks recorded just about everywhere, including:

Swampworks Studio, Kitty Hawk, NC
engineer: Ed Tupper

Moonhouse Studio, Austin, TX
engineer: Chris Gage

Wildwood Tofu Bar (at Little Lady Studio) Leander, TX
engineer: Tom Prasada-Rao

Lazar Brothers Studio, Norfolk, VA
engineer: Stephan Lazar

Groovy House of Love, Norfolk, VA
engineer: Rich Mossman

Mastered at Wolf Productions, Arlington, VA
by Bill Wolf

Graphic design by Karl Werne
Photography by Eddie Williams

1) How Much Love

Karl Werne - acoustic guitars, vocals
Scott Slay - mandolin
James Adkins - electric guitars
Stephan Lazar - bass
Dale Lazar - drums
Tom Prasada-Rao - piano

2) From Here

Karl Werne - acoustic guitar, vocals, programming
Barbara Nesbitt - harmony vocals
Eddie Williams - sax
Tom Prasada-Rao - bass
Dan Martier - drums

3) I Think I’m In Love

Karl Werne - acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion
Chris Gage - banjo, dobro
Scott Slay - mandolin
Jimmy Masters - bass
Dan Martier - drums

4) This Little Notebook

Karl Werne - acoustic guitar, vocals, piano, programming
Tim Reynolds - electric guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar
Chris Gage - banjo
Mick Vaughn - bass
Dan Martier - drums

5) Love & Fear

Karl Werne - acoustic guitars, vocals, programming
Vince Zentner - orchestral harp
Scott Slay - mandolin
Jimmy Masters - bass
Dan Martier - drums
Resa Gibbs - harmony vocal

6) Safe

Karl Werne - classical guitar, vocal
Chris Gage - Wurlitzer piano
Tom Prasada-Rao - violins, piano
Elaine Dempsey - heartbeat

7) From This Height

Karl Werne - acoustic guitar, electric guitars, vocals,
piano, keyboards, programming
Tom Prasada-Rao - violin
Mick Vaughn - bass
Dan Martier - drums

8) Flow

Karl Werne - acoustic guitar, vocals, percussion
Chris Gage - piano, harmony vocal
Kristin deWitt, Elaine Dempsey - harmony vocals
JMU Chapter of The Nerdfighters - handclaps (DFTBA)
Jimmy Masters - bass
Dan Martier - drums

9) Brother’s Keeper

Karl Werne - acoustic guitar,
electric guitars, programming
Tom Prasada-Rao - programming
Joe Werne - phone message

10) Monkey Do

Karl Werne - vocals, piano, programming
Eddie Williams - saxes, midi trumpets
Jimmy Masters - bass
Dan Martier - drums

11) Static

Karl Werne - acoustic guitar, vocal, programming
Tim Reynolds - electric guitars
John Toomey - keyboard
Mick Vaughn - bass
Dan Martier - drums

12) Shadows on the Wind

Karl Werne - vocal, electric piano, programming
John Toomey - piano, keyboard
Eddie Williams - sax
Jimmy Masters - bass
Dan Martier - drums

all songs written by Karl Werne


all rights reserved



Karl Werne Norfolk, Virginia

Karl Werne has been entertaining the Hampton Roads area of VA since he was 16 years old as a local favorite with his versatile guitar work and smooth hypnotic vocals.

Karl's songwriting won first place in the national Fishman Songwriting Competition in 2011. He placed third in the Songwriter Serenade National Competition, and he won VEER Magazine's Video of the Year award w/ "Love & Fear".
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